4 Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe This Summer

Updated: Jul 7

Being a dog parent is one of the most rewarding and fun roles to play, it is also a big responsibility. Owning a dog daycare, we see so many dog parents that have adopted or purchased a dog - and they don’t really come with instructions - that also are lost when it comes to behavior, safety, and health. While there are tons of books on how to raise a child that new parents often absorb when a new baby comes along, not many new dog parents are as ingrained to search out those same kinds of helpers for their new pups. Every season includes some new challenges and risks and summer is no exception. Keep reading for 4 tips to keep your dog safe this summer!

1. Car Safety

Unfortunately, we are too familiar with the loss of a pet from a car accident where the owners had barely a scratch. We can’t emphasize enough the importance of car safety. It is safest to keep your dog in the backseat of the car, strapped in. We love Kurgo car seats because they can also be used as a harness and are so easy to install. They also make great backseat barriers, zip lines for dogs that hate staying in one spot, and great car seat covers for those trips to the beach or the lake!

One of the most important things to remember is to NEVER leave your dog in the car unattended, even with the windows down. In the summer heat, a car quickly turns into a furnace. According to Phys Org, it only takes 6 minutes for a dog to die from an overheated car. Simply do not take the risk and never leave your dog unattended in the car. In many localities, it is illegal as well as being unsafe.

2. Sunscreen