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Keep Your Pup out of the garbage can -- tips for helping your pup deal with separation anxiety

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

Have you ever come home to a house filled with torn up pillows, books, paper, garbage all over the floor? Not to worry – many pups suffer some form of separation anxiety or separation boredom. There are ways of nipping these behaviors, ensuring you and your pup live harmoniously together forever!

1. Take your pup to daycare. It’s critical for your pup to socialize – after all they are pack animals. Even if your best bud would rather hang with people – getting out of traditional surroundings keeps the mind active and less interested in exploring through pillows, garbage cans or books. In addition, daycare helps to burn off excess energy – keeping your pup at a healthy weight.

2. Good food!!! Good food and digestive enzymes help heal your pup’s gut and in turn, help them pay attention, and helps to relieve anxiety. Euegurt is made with sheep’s milk and emu oil. The combination has helped many dogs relax even when CBD oil failed to quell anxiety. They are made in treat form and dogs love ‘em!

3. When dropping your pup off for boarding it’s important to not make a big deal. Don’t look at your dog with puppy eyes, kissing it, repeating how much you will miss it. All this increases your pup’s anxiety. You are not being a mean pup parent if you turn your pup over to staff without so much as a word goodbye. That helps to ensure your pup that you are happy with leaving them, and that they are going to have a good time.

4. Not all pups can come to daycare every day, and for those days – make sure you walk your dog before you leave the house. Just letting them outside in a fenced yard is not enough. We are all rushed in the morning, but it’s imperative for your pup to have a long walk, allow them to sniff and explore a bit – all helping to relieve boredom before their long stay at home. Never leave your dog alone with an antler, rawhide or other chew. They can choke and you won’t be there to help them. You can stuff kongs, or other similar toys with either organic blueberry, pumpkin or apple blends, doggie bone broth or doggie peanut butter (not human variety). Put them in the freezer the night before for a long and satisfying lick!

5. When you leave home don’t make eye contact with your pup, don’t talk to them, don’t say” I will be right back sweetie,” “See you soon,” or anything we tend to say when leaving. That becomes a trigger for your pup and it’s not what you want to do – just leave. Walk out that door! Practice by grabbing your keys every time you go out – but come back after a minute, two minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes – so they don’t associate grabbing a purse or keys with you leaving home for a long time.

6. If you have a t-shirt or blanket that smells like you – leave it with your pup whether its boarding, or staying home. Familiar smells – perfume, stinky socks, are all things that make your pup feel like you are close.

7. Finally, we have great luck with calming music designed for pups. There are music cubes you can get on Amazon or download Music for a Dog’s Ears. But play the music while you are home as well to avoid those ‘My Mom/Dad’s away triggers’. But be warned – you might fall asleep!