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Your Dog Is What It Eats!

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

Opening up a doggie daycare and boarding spot, also opened our eyes to what was going into our dog’s bodies. We all know the old adage, we are what we eat. The same holds true for our trusty companions.

While many in the natural and holistic pet community demand that owners serve only raw food to dogs (and cats), many don't feel that is practical or affordable. Don't fret however, many healthy options still exist.

Did you know that your dog’s skin, behavior, ear infections, and many other issues can be linked to foods and toxic overloading of your pups organs? Have you ever taken a gander at the ingredient label on dog kibble? Did you know – **** gross alert **** that its ok for dog food companies to actually put dead, diseased or dying animals in their dog food, along with a lot of other disgusting ingredients?

So here’s the down low, or the low down on dog food. To avoid those gross ingredients, look for food that is processed in a USDA inspected facility and utilizes human grade meats. We like the idea of using local farms and there are a number of food and treat companies that are adopting the farm to dog bowl philosophy ensuring ingredients are healthy. Make sure that meat is the first ingredient. Avoid foods that use a lot of peas, potatoes, and other starches as fillers. Fillers are just that, and not only lead to obesity but are often the root cause of many health issues. Peas and potatoes create allergies and yeast problems leading to ear infections, paw chewing and licking and upset stomachs.

Yeast is a beast to treat on your dogs skin, in the ears, and in the gut. But did you know that your pup's food is often the number one culprit of yeast and allergy created problems?

I am not a fan of of those prescription foods and cringe when someone comes in and tells us that their pup is on a prescription diet. Just look at the label -- several of them list corn gluten meal as an actual ingredient! Is the meat they use USDA human grade -- if not -- run! Lots of companies spend a LOT of money on advertising and less on what goes in the dog food. There are often many alternatives to those prescription diet foods, and it would be wise to consult a local holistic vet -- ensuring that you are treating whatever issues your pup may have while also not making their health worse. Whole Dogz can also help with good food choices so give us a buzz or talk with us when you are in.