Ark Naturals - Ears All Right - 4 oz

Ark Naturals - Ears All Right - 4 oz


This is our go to ear cleaner in the grooming salon. We use it for our own pups and suggest it for clients dogs that have constant ear infections and they not only clear them up but keep them at bay. This gentle ear cleaning lotion is an all-natural herbal extract that cleans your doggy's ears without drying and/or burning. It safely removes ear gunk and foreign debris while soothing and comforting your pup’s infected, inflamed, and itchy ears. It removes wax, redness, and calms his/her ears. Can be used for both dogs and cats. 




Aloe Vera gel (whole leaf), isopropanol USP, glycerine 99.5 % USP, de-ionized water, calendula extract, rosemary extract, myrrh extract, cinnamon leaf oil. 

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