Ark Naturals - No Stains "Fur" Me 2.2 oz

Ark Naturals - No Stains "Fur" Me 2.2 oz


Does your pup have unsightly tears stains and stains on his/her paws? Damp pet hair is a natural breeding ground for bacteria and yeast growth. The most common is Red Yeast. No Stains “Fur” Me is an all-natural herbal formula which will boosts your pup’s immune system and help control the growth of bacteria and yeast responsible for the stains.   

This product is much better than the one claiming to be from an angel because it doesn't contain antibiotics, but natural herbs and spices to prevent eye staining.  

Active Ingredients per each enclosed scoop:  


Olive Leaf Extract   36 mg     

Pau d'Arco   36 mg     

Vitamin C (calcium   ascorbate)   36 mg     

Oregon Grape Root   36 mg     

Exclzyme Pet   10 mg    


Other Ingredients: Chicken flavor (natural), rice concentrate, stevia 

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