Coco Therapy Organic Coconut Oil for Dogs & People

Coco Therapy Organic Coconut Oil for Dogs & People


Specially formulated to be bio-available for your pup - this coconut oil is NOT the same as what you get in the store.  Coco Therapy has all the concentrated benefits of the coconut but less water - increasing the bioavailability for dogs (and people too!). Coco Therapy is the BEST Coconut oil out there to help your pet beat everything from digestive issues to skin problems. It can disinfect cuts and can promote healing of cracked paws, hot spots and dry, itchy skin. Each jar of this pristine coconut oil was extracted from fresh, organically grown coconut, cold-pressed in small patches to ensure its quality and the effectiveness of the Lauric Acid - the critical working ingredient. We have used it on our dogs to cure the driest and itchiest of skin problems with marvelous results. Don’t be shocked if you see a little mucus in your pup’s poop when first using. That’s just the coconut working to get rid of the junk in the intestines and it will resolve quickly. Great for dogs, cats and birds, and since its human grade, you can use it as well! 


Ingredients: 100% all natural organic virgin coconut oil. 


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