Organic Beef Liver Dog Treats

Organic Beef Liver Dog Treats


The liver stores antioxidants and critical vitamins and minerals, including vitamins A, K, copper, and iron. These premium liver treats support your pup's own liver, which performs the critical function of moving toxins out of the body, keeping your dog happy and healthy! And dogs love 'em!

Whole Dogz strives to find the best treats, from organic and free range sources. And when we can support family farms, that's an extra bonus. We were delighted to find Farm Hounds treats, made from clean, organic, environmentally sustainable, filler-free ingredients sourced from small family farms! Read more about Farm Hounds below.

  • About Farm Hounds

    Farm Hounds partners with small family farms to source clean, pastured products that are free of chemicals, hormones, antibiotics, and pesticides. They choose this path, not only for the quality small farms can produce, but to also support working farms and their communities. The name of the farm is on each bag so you know where the treats originated. This also allows each farm to use more of each animal, giving each farm more revenue for their efforts. Farm Hounds ensures that all their farm partners nurture their lands, focusing on environmental sustainability and raising animals with the respect and honor they deserve. The treats contain no salts, no glycerins, no fillers, and no grains. Just 100% farm sourced animal ingredients!

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