Suzies CBD Drops 250 MG for Dogs

Suzies CBD Drops 250 MG for Dogs

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Suzies CBD is one of our go to calming agents for anxious pups.  It also helps with pain, seizures, and general anxiety.  My pups have begun to react to thunderstorms..well it was one pup and they have all picked up on it!  One dropper of this and they are calm in 10 minutes.  Amazing!  

Suzie's 250mg strength oil is ideal for:

  • Small to medium breed dogs
  • Chronic Issues

**Please note that the 250mg strength is the same potency as the 500mg strength. The 500mg is a 2 ounce bottle and the 250mg is a 1 ounce bottle.


Ingredients: Organic safflower oil and organic full spectrum CBD Oil which includes secondary cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. *Research shows that whole plant CBD products are more therapeutically beneficial than single molecule isolated CBD products.


DOSING: 1 milliliter equals 8.3 milligrams of CBD. Please refer to dosing guidelines on FAQ for further explanation.


"This product contains less than the legal limit of 0.3% THC"

  • Suzies CBD Info

    Suzie’s CBD Treats are dedicated to offering exceptional purity in both our products and our business. We believe that offering accurate information in a transparent manner is essential. No smoke and mirrors are needed if you offer a product that you truly believe in and can stand behind knowing each and every step of its production. Our friends and partners are farmers in northern Colorado who practice organic farming and whose goal is to provide the cleanest CBD plant extract to as many people as they can. All of our products are lab tested for exact content of Cannabidiol present and to ensure low levels of THC.


    A tactic some companies use to advertise is to display milligrams of total cannabinoids present, which is not necessarily milligrams of active CBD. While it is true that a full spectrum of cannabinoids is beneficial, this can often just mean there is less CBD actually present than they are trying to make you believe.

    By no means are we saying we have the only great CBD products around, we simply encourage people to educate themselves. Exercise caution when purchasing and don’t be afraid to ask companies where their products are grown, extracted, and lab tested.

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